This is an app for those users who like to have their fix of sudoku daily.

The applications strength is that it can randomize existing games in the collection so that you will never have to play the same game of Sudoku again but unlike other apps, the app comes with a large library of Sudokus. In addition to that you can add more yourself from different sudoku websites and forums.

Unlike other Sudoku application which hide all the helpful parts in arcane settings views, this application allows you to change the view settings through game modes and highlight options so that you can use the best way to visualize the board so as to make it easier to find the strategy that can help you solve the Sudoku. Examples include using Highlight of Pencilled values to easily find examples of X Wings, Sword Fish and Jelly Fish and other Fish strategies in general.

The game comes with two libraries of Sudokus.

When you add the libraries, the Sudokus will be added to the downloaded section of the application. You can browse the complete library and play the one you like or play at random. As you play, and complete the Sudokus, you get the option of marking which strategies you used and also name the puzzle for quick hints. These hints come up in the game view when you play. The games which you have played successfully get added to your collection.

In addition to the libraries you can also add new Sudokus you find over the internet. The aim is to make it simple for those users like me who browse the web to find the best puzzles to play every morning, but want the convenience of a good helper program. And to weed out those invalid puzzles, the app will not allow you to play a sudoku that is not valid (A valid Sudoku has one and only one solution).

The app allows you to play, save sudokus you find over the net and keep track of the timing and strategies used for each sudoku. It does not compare to other users.

A quick note about the ratings: This is very arbitrary and you have the ability to change them. Hopefully as you play more puzzles, you will find that the difficulty will match your taste.